2 / Create a royaltie NFT collection

Our royaltie collection type is named "AutoMarket"
On Alpha / Beta DAPP and from v0.17.0 wordpress version plugin
Click on Create button, then Create collection button
Select AUTOMARKET, define
  • a collection name
  • a collection symbol
  • Royalty fees (we recommend max 10%)
  • Royalty receiver (by default your Metamask address)
  • Recommend price (default NFT price, can be updated during NFT creation)
Follow NFT collection creation steps:
Transaction starting
Transaction details
Created !
You can now create NFTs inside your AutoMarket collection ! Define
  • Your media
  • NFT title
  • NFT description
  • NFT AutoMarket collection
  • NFT properties
  • NFT price
You'll see useful informations as Collection fees (defined during Collection creation), Kredeum protocol fees (0.9%), estimated Royalty amount
Click "Mint NFT" and follow steps
Now you can see your NFT data as:
You can ...
  • Get some useful shortcodes / snippets
    • Sell your NFT on any websites by adding a "Buy"
    • Sell your NFT on your wordpress with a custom wordpress shortcode
    • View your NFT on OpenSea with a custom wordpress shortcode
  • Transfer your NFT to who you want
  • Burn your NFT
  • Sell your NFT by defining / updating a price
Then just add the NFT buy snippet or NFT wordpress shortcodes on your web pages as https://www.kredeum.org/sardaigna/
For example https://www.kredeum.org/sardaigna/ has been created on a wordpress page with wordpress kredeum shortcodes, displaying automatically NFT images and buy buttons ...
You own this NFT, click on Sell to update the price or cancel the Sell status
You don't own this NFT, click on Buy if you want to buy it !