Add shortcode NFT Sell button in posts and pages
Sell your NFTs
In the list of your NFTs, just open the NFT data and click on "Shortcode"
You can now paste this shortcode into any of your Wordpress posts / pages
Here is the result:
You can customize the shortcode by adding this parameter "image=50" inside the shortocode in the post edit page:
Here is the result
Image parameter is equivalent to width attribute used in <img> balise.
Ok maybe something nicer ;)
Shortcode is [kredeum_sell chain="matic" collection="0xbe4fC61898741b6E0E84184cc2fB0544E2F7D7a6" tokenid="13" cid="bafybeigr6nxndu3nzu3nqyhief6zp4ai2g5lj3gd3yv4tzel4j6gjylps4"]le po à carnac[/kredeum_sell]
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