Mint your NFTs directly in your Wordpress media library

Mint your medias as NFTs
To Mint (or create) NFTs, you must have Metamask installed, and an account on the mainnet Ethereum, Matic/Polygon network (here is a good tutorial on how to do that), BSC network or Fantom network, with some crypto amounts.
Important note: Before starting in Media library, please well select a blockchain and a NFT collection in plugin settings as described here.
Then go to the Media page of your WP Admin, if not yet connected with Metamask, you can click on one Connect Metamask button
If not yet connected to Metamask, you'll need to click on "Connect to Metamask"
To MINT a NFTs form one of your media, just click the MINT NFT button
By default selected blockchain and selected collection defined in plugin settings as described here. Then you can fill all date found in NFT edit form:
You will have to accept the MINT transaction, so you need some Matic Token to pay gas cost, but this will cost you much less than a cent of 0,001 $
Now you **NFT is minted **, and you can sell your NFT !